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Evolution has a variety of programs all designed to provide different results for different level players.  Below you’ll find a clear breakdown of what we offer:


Our Training programs are designed for players 9th grade and up as well as advanced 6th-8th graders with AAU and Travel experience.  Training is offered year around and has 3 areas of focus for you to choose from:

Basketball Skills Training

Our Basketball Skills training is mainly in a Small Group format and in special circumstances we offer Private Training.  All of our 175+ College Players trained in Small Groups… it works!

Basketball Shooting Training

Evolution has developed not only the best shooters in the area but in the entire country. We’re not exaggerating, just one example is John Schoof who led the NCAA in in 3 point shooting percentage in 2013!

Performance Training

Our Performance Training is built on three main principles, 1) Flexibilty and Mobility 2) Speed and Agility 3) Power and Strength.  In today’s game, basketball skills is simply not enough to compete.


Our Clinics run year around and are designed for player in 4th-8th grade with House League experience:


Basketball Skills Clinics

Evolution’s Clinics are the absolute best options for players to learn to love the game while improving their skills and understanding of the game.  You have to learn to love the game before you can learn the game!  Our Clinics have 3 main areas of focus:

  • Ball Control – Getting players more comfortable with a basketball in their hands is the first step to all skills including ball handling, layups, shooting, passing, etc.

  • Athletic Movements – Teaching players bodies to move like a basketball player should move.  Running, jumping, change of speed, agility, and more…

  • Having Fun! – If players are not having fun, they are not going to learn to love the game.  Nothing is more important to us to teach players the love of the game of basketball!



Evolution’s Camps run throughout the summer as well as over school holidays.  Our camps are designed for players 3rd-8th Grade.


Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps run through June, July and August.  We are currently offering camps in both Fairfax County and Loudoun County.  Most of our summer camps are week long day camps.  


School Break Camps

We generally run camps over the holiday school breaks such as… Winter Holiday Break Camps, MLK Day Camp, President’s Day Camp, and Spring Break Camp.


Team Evolution

Provides the excitement of a team while focusing on skills and understanding of the game.  We call this a WIN-WIN! Team Evolution is designed for players 4th-8th Grade.


Team Evolution – Spring League

Our Spring League provides a team setting with only professional coaches (no parent coaches)!  Players will practice twice and week on the night of your choosing and games are played on Sunday afternoons to avoid conflicts.  With raving reviews from parents and players, this is the perfect league for you. 


Team Evolution – Summer

Team Evolution Summer shifts the focus and development opportunity to continue to create well rounded players.  Our summer program focuses on skill building and playing 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 to get player more touches in a smaller environment. 



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