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Why Evolution

EVOLUTION is changing the lives of players by creating success in the game and beyond!
We succeed by empowering our players to find their personal success and potential.  By utilizing a holistic approach, our staff inspires players to reach their goals both mentally and physically through the absolute best training, clinics, and camps.

Evolution Basketball Training has been training players in the DC area for over 15 years. With more than a decade of basketball training experience, we know what it takes to help our players reach the next level. Our training staff has experience playing and coaching at all levels from youth league up through the professional ranks and our track record is there to prove it.
Evolution has basketball training available on a year around basis. We’re not just a group that has time for you on occasion. We are here to help you develop your game on a consistent basis. If we expect our players to be working hard on their games consistently, then we need to be available consistently.
We pride ourselves on being a completely professional organization from all angles. Many of our clients work in a professional environment and our goal is to always operate at the same level of professionalism that they are used to and deserve.
What ever type of basketball training you’re looking for, we’ve got it. We have a lot to offer from a training perspective… private and group training, clinics, camps, team training, coaches clinics, bball strength and agility, leagues, etc. We offer everything that you’ll need for each stage of development.
There is clear cut development process that Evolution Basketball Training follows. We teach our players the game from the ground up without skipping steps. As we like to say, you can’t teach a kid algebra if he can’t add and subtract first. We are going to teach the basic fundamentals of the game and then build upon a strong foundation.
Basketball is not a complicated game and doesn’t need to be. By keeping the training process simple it helps our players learn at a faster pace and build upon what skills they have learned and mastered.
This is not a baby sitting service, we don’t just go through the motions. We are a basketball training program that is going to have high expectation levels. Evolution’s trainers push players to their limits in order to get the most out of each of them.
At Evolution, we truly believe that we teach more than just basketball training skills. What we teach and emphasize clearly translates into life skills such as: work ethic, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, and much more. The focus and dedication that we teach our players to have can clearly help them with their academics today as well as their first job several years down the line. These are valuable tools that kids today need to learn to succeed tomorrow. Learning this through an avenue that they love, like basketball, is a great way for a young adult to understand how to succeed in life.
We are proud of our training staff and the people they are. All of our trainers serve as fantastic role models for each of our players. Not only have they had success on the basketball court, but also academically and socially. Our trainers have college degrees, graduate degrees, life experience as college and high school coaches, jobs as high school / middle school teachers, experience in the corporate world, etc. You will not find a better basketball training staff that helps players succeed on the court and in life.
While Evolution’s trainers are able to act as fantastic role models for our players, we don’t stop there. We always hope to be a mentor for the players that we train and help them through both their basketball careers as well as the rest of what life throws at them.
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