3 Frogs

Question: There are three frogs on a log and one of them made a decision to jump in. How many were left?
Answer : There are still three frogs on the log, he only made a decision, he took no action!!!


The riddle above is not overly complex, long in verse, nor deep in concept, but I believe it is truly meaningful. In a world that continues to become more of a environment where people are always looking at what the person next to them has, we fall into the trap of always wanting more. Desiring and dreaming of accomplishments, jobs, materialistic goods, and relationships is not a bad thing, and in fact we should have goals that we wish to obtain. The problem lies with inaction.

Some people believe that just because they want something, then it will come to be. I have heard many of my friends say “I want to own a big house on the beach after I become a CFO” yet the next day they are calling in “sick” to go up to New York City to hang out with friends. They have made a decision of what type of house they want to live in, and what type of job to work at, yet their actions do not reflect this decision.

As I train many athletes, several players when I ask them what is their basketball goal, they tell me they want to make their Varsity team, yet 2 months later when I ask them how many days a week they work on their game, they say “outside working with you, usually once.” They have made a decision on their goal and objective, yet they have yet to truly commit to the actions needed to succeed.

As Summer is now here with the 90 degree days in which just standing outside makes you drip with sweat , it will be more difficult to commit to going outside and getting those shots up on the driveway or in the park. There are many players out there who at night before going to sleep, say to themselves, “Tomorrow I am going to go to the park and make 200 shots” but when the next day turns out to be 95 degrees, they say to themselves “ehh, I’ll workout another day .” Do not be this player. Act on your decisions.

This offseason and for the rest of your life, do not be like the 3 frogs in the log; wanting and deciding to do something, yet do not fulfill the actions needed. Instead, when deciding on jumping, JUMP!!!!!!

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