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For me, senior night games are always fun to go to, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on all the years I’ve been training this player and how far they have come.  Some of these games add an extra element of pride for different reasons.  This past weekend I was in the car for 8 hours on Saturday, and Zack Burnett made it well worth my time to drive to Lynchburg and back…

Zack’s senior game was more than a regular game, he was only 6 points away from moving up to #5 on Lynchburg’s All-Time Scoring list.  This was something Zack and I talked in depth about last summer and his goal of getting to that spot.  Not only did Zack have 30 points in the game on Saturday, but he achieved his goal of #5 on the list.  He played an incredible game and played in a way that I was extremely proud of… 10-16 from the field (62%), 4-6 from the 3 point line (66%), and 6-6 from the FT line (100%).

More than just his performance that struck me was his focus and dedication to achieve that goal of #5 on the All-Time scoring list.  If you look at the picture at the top of this post with his family at mid-court, everyone is looking forward except Zack.  His eyes are focused on the Lynchburg All-Time scoring list posted on the wall to his right.  I’m so glad I was able to snap this picture because it explains Zack so well and also explains why he has had so much success in this game.

HUGE congratulations to Zack Burnett, definitely one of my all time favorite players, on his incredible success.  The season isn’t over and his career is far from over, I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

Zack is now at 1559 points in his career putting him at #5 on Lynchburg College’s All Time scoring list.

I’m pretty sure this was the Free Throw that put Zack at #5 on the list.  A bit anti-climatic, but also a bit ironic since I remember the game when he hit 1000 points in High School on a Free Throw.

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