Amit Gatadahalli – No Excuses

//Amit Gatadahalli – No Excuses

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No Excuses: Amit Gatadahalli

Congratulations to Amit Gatadahalli for working hard, never quitting and realizing a basketball dream that once seemed far away but is now in his hands!!!   On May, 28th, 2016 Amit traveled to India for the summer to play Professional Basketball!!!

Amit has exemplified a slogan commonly used by Evolution Basketball trainers to motivate their players, “No Excuses”.   Amit’s journey to play professional basketball was not easy or common but his work ethic and determination put him in a situation to have the opportunity to play professionally.

Amit began training in 8th grade on outdoor courts several times a week.  The weather was hot, bugs were out and he was drenched in sweat 3 minutes into every workout. He was a bit undersized in height and weight, had a hitch in his shot and was still trying to build his ball handling skills.  Although, with all of these obstacles to overcome he never quit and learned early that if he wanted to improve he had to maximize his skill training repetitions.

Improvement in Amit’s game showed early as he went to high school, made the freshman team and played extremely well.  Amit continued to push himself in terms of training as he continued to work regularly with Evolution Trainer Alvin Brown as well as attending Evolutions Preseason Prep program.  Amit’s freshmen team play afforded him the opportunity to skip JV and go right to Varsity in his sophomore year at Herndon High School.  Adversity struck again as Amit was on the Varsity team for 3 years but never saw the floor time that his work ethic seemed to demand.  Working so hard and not getting the opportunity to play was heavy on Amit’s head but as the slogan that hangs high in all of Evolutions training facilities say, “No Excuses” were used by Amit. Amit continue to train, showed great improvement and played in several summer showcases to get some exposure to hopefully get seen by some colleges and get an opportunity to play in College.  He eventually got a few college looks but ultimately chose to attend the University of Maryland as a student.  He wasn’t completely sure of what the next step was going to be but academically he continued to succeed and he never stopped training on the court and in the weight room.    He was notified of an opportunity in India and immediately started to plan for it.  He and his trainer, Alvin Brown, put together a video of one of his training sessions and sent it out to India.  The teams there loved it and requested he come there to play.  He may have passed on the opportunity to play in College but he is now living his dream of playing professionally.   He will play Pro Ball in the summer time and then come back to school in August and continue to work on his degree.   The future looks very bright for him!!!

Amit’s approach to the game with the “No Excuses” mindset and the fire to continue to improve should be an example to anyone who wants to achieve something in life.  As he continues to play and grow as an adult Amit now has the foundation to overcome any obstacle placed in front of him and will certainly be a success in all of his future endeavors.


Alvin Brown


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