Basketball Tryouts Advice – 6 Secrets to Stand Out

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Basketball Tryouts Advice – 6 Secrets

How to look good in your tryouts

This fall we will be sharing a message with all of our players about tryouts and what they should be their focus. The most important things without a doubt have nothing to do with size, athleticism, or skill.  Once you walk into the gym for tryouts, those things are out of your control. Skill you can control ahead of time during the offseason and preseason, but once the tryouts begin you can’t try harder and miraculously become a better shooter.  

Effort – This is completely under your control to give maximum effort at all tryouts effort evolution basketball

Positive attitude – Why would a coach want to choose a player with a bad attitude???

Focus – Coaches are always going to see who’s paying attention and who isn’t.

Be first in line – If you are first in line that means you had to hustle to get there.  Also, you will need to pay attention to what the coach is saying if you’re going first.  That knocks out two of the points above. NEVER be last in line.

Be enthusiastic – Clap your hands, encourage your teammates, give high 5’s, and be a source of positive energy in the gym.  Every team needs that and every coach appreciates tryouts advice evolution basketball training

Intro & Thank you – If you don’t know the coach yet, make sure you introduce yourself and shake their hand before tryouts begin.  Just that act alone will help them notice you once the basketball begins. After each day of tryouts go shake the coach’s hand again and say thank you.

I guarantee that if a player was on the bubble of making the team and did everything listed above they would without a doubt earn the spot.  100% of kids have the ability to do that list, but very few actually do. That provides an amazing opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd and prove that you deserve to make the team.  The other awesome thing about that list is that nothing is unique to basketball. If we can teach a player to do those 6 points at a basketball tryout it will carry over into the rest of their lives whether it’s in the classroom, at a job interview, or countless other situations they will face as they get older.

Please remember to focus on those 6 points before anything else.  Not only will you be setting yourself up for success in this year’s tryouts, but you will be helping create skills that will last a lifetime.

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