Performance Trainer
2 Years Coaching Experience
2 Years Training Experience


  • Warwick High School
  • George Mason University


Playing Career:

  • Bethel High School Varsity Team
  • Warwick High School Varsity Team
  • George Mason University Club Basketball
  • George Mason University Women’s Practice Player

Coaching Career:

  • Evolution Basketball Performance Trainer

The immense love I have for the game of basketball sparked at around age 10 for me and stays with me presently. Growing up, I was always one of the shorter kids out there on the court but that only made me more determined and gave me the drive to make up for the loss in height in other avenues of my skills. I remember trying out for my high school’s Junior Varsity team as a freshman and getting cut because I “lacked the needed height”. It wasn’t until about summer before my sophomore year that I caught a growth spurt and ending up making the varsity team as a 10th grader. In my hometown, basketball was very competitive and so I played under great talent, and because of that, I didn’t get much playing time as there was always a better senior than me. After pretty much sitting on the bench and dying in practices every day for 2 years straight, I decided to transfer to a different high school. Here, the dynamic was different and I was able to actually earn a starting position and was able to showcase my skills.

With only one year to go out there and give it my all, it wasn’t really enough to pull in any real interest from colleges, with the exception of a couple D2/D3 schools. Upon graduating high school I knew that whatever I was going to study in college was going to be fitness related and someway, somehow, I would tie in helping people as that was something I found very intrinsically rewarding as well. I figured I just focus on my academics and that’s what led me to George Mason. Basketball didn’t end there for me though, as I played basketball for the schools Men’s Club Team, and participated as a Practice Player for the Women’s Team.

Throughout my entire high school basketball career though, skills and strength training outside of team practices was completely nonexistent. Back then, I wish I had the opportunity to take up some sort of strength/skills training outside of practice as it could’ve been the deciding factor between me being that bench player that sat or that player that was called on in the starting position as a sophomore. Me being in a position now where I can be there for an athlete that wants to take strides in their strength/performance as a basketball player goes a long way for me and I take much pride in it. I am more than grateful and fortunate to have had Evolution Training take a leap of faith by adding me to their team and look forward to each season.