Claire Miller | 1000 Point Club

//Claire Miller | 1000 Point Club

Claire Miller: 1000 Point Club

Claire Miller, senior forward for Flint Hill High School, is now a part of the 1,000 point club! Claire has been training at Evolution for the last two years with Doug Howard and has been a varsity starter all 4 years of high school. Crazy enough, Doug is an alum of Flint Hill High School. Over the last two years training with Doug, she has really improved her ball handling and her finishing near the rim with both hands. This improvement can be accredited to her impressive work ethic as Doug says she has never once had a bad workout where he felt the need to tell her to go faster or harder. Doug also said, “ She comes in to each workout with an enthusiasm to get better and always has a smile on her face when in the gym.  This carries into her games where her tenacity is noticeable as she is either crashing the boards or running the court to get a fast break layup! Her combination of having a high motor and high skill level sets her apart.”
All of her hard work is paying off! Doug was fortunate enough to be in attendance when she scored her 1,000th point and said, “It was a great moment not only for me to witness her achieving an incredible milestone, but also for Claire and her family for all the time, effort, and commitment they have spent to get to that point. Seeing her accomplish it at home and the school that I attended as well was a cool moment”. After Claire graduates this year, she will be headed off to Middlebury College to continue her academic and athletic career. Middlebury plays in one of the best DIII conferences in the country, the NESCAC, and last year they went to the NCAA tournament. We are all extremely proud of Claire and cannot wait to watch her success at the next level!
by Ben Ayanian
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