Daniel Deaver | 1000 Point Club

//Daniel Deaver | 1000 Point Club

Daniel Deaver: 1000 Point Club

Daniel Deaver, Senior big man for George C. Marshall High School, just joined the 1,000 point club. Daniel started his training at Evolution in the 7th grade with Evolution’s President and Founder, Alex Harris, and has worked his tail off ever since. Throughout the last 3 years, Daniel has been a key contributor for Marshall’s varsity team and a starter for 2 of those seasons. This is extremely impressive considering before he made the varsity team his sophomore year, he spent 6 months of his freshman year in a wheelchair with 2 broken legs!

When I asked Alex where he has seen the most growth from Daniel, he joked, “his feet” which are enormous size 17s. After talking about Daniel’s huge feet, Alex also said, “I have without a doubt seen the most growth in his perimeter game over the last few years mostly due to all the time spent he has spent with Doug Howard working on his ball handling skills and shooting. Obviously with Daniel’s incredible work ethic, he put in more than enough time on it himself” As Daniel’s former high school teammate, I can personally attest to the fact that he puts in the work on his own. He is the only person I have ever met that always carries a basketball around with him everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. After the conclusion of this season, Daniel will be deciding where to continue his academic and athletic career. One of his top options will be to attend a post-grad school with hopes of landing a D1 scholarship hopefully at one of the Military Academies. With his work ethic and desire to succeed, we are all excited to watch the success that he will have going forward.

Ben Ayanian

– Former Evolution Trainee (since 4th grade) and current student at the U of Minnesota

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