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Evolution’s FAQ’s & Policies

During training hours the only staff in the building will be our trainers, there is no additional front desk staff.  Our training staff are giving their all to the players every minute they are in our facilities, they are usually not able to stop and answer questions.  We highly recommend signing up for a free trial to see how we operate and the trainer can answer general questions at that time.  You can also call us at 703-282-2944 or email us at info@evobball.com – we love to talk hoops!

Sorry we missed you, our facilities are only open during active training hours.  Please see the question above about how to get more information!

Yes, we really mean free with no strings attached!  The best way to see what we do is to experience it, we are so confident in our training and staff that after just one session you will see why we are the best.  Just fill out a request for a free trial and our staff will contact you via email to set up a date and time.  We will also follow up with you afterwards and really appreciate feedback about how the session went.  Here’s the link to a Free Trial!    

1. Take this Quiz! –

2. You can call or email us at 703-282-2944 or info@evobball.com and we are happy to discuss our programs!

3. You can schedule a free trial, our staff will do our best to find something at the appropriate skill level and advise on the best placement after the free session when we have had time to see your child in action.  Free Trial Registration!

Great question!  Our sessions are focused around creating well-rounded basketball players.  Workouts include drills to improve all fundamental skills such as ball handling, passing, footwork, shooting, body control, and more.  We have four main programs; TrainingClinicsTeam Evolution, and our Skills Academy Camps.  Training includes General Skills Training, Shooting Training, and Performance Training. 

The best trainers available.  We pride ourselves at being extremely picky about not only basketball, but also who we allow on the court with your child.  Our staff consists of professional trainers that are passionate about the game and the development of each of their players on and off the court.  Our staff have a depth of experience that is unparalleled ranging from playing high school, college, and professional basketball, as well as coaching in the high school and college ranks.  Our top trainers have over a decade of experience training basketball players of all ages!  This range of experiences can be seen, as well as some smiling faces, on our staff bio page.

Absolutely!  We take rolling enrollment for Training and Clinics so that you can get started even if you discover us while we are currently in a training season.  Our registration system will automatically pro-rate each week on Sunday to provide the discounted rate due to late enrollment.  Team Evolution and Skills Academy Camps are holistic programs that we recommend enrolling in for their entirety.  You can email the director of ones of these programs if you would like special consideration.

Clinics, Team Evolution, and Skills Academy Camps are scheduled in advance and you select your spot when you register.  We schedule on a weekly basis so you are committed to the same day of the week and times for the duration of a season.  Our Training programs are scheduled differently, see the next question.

We want our players to be challenged and pushed to reach their highest potential.  In order to do this, we carefully craft the schedule each season to create the best possible groups for each player, this is our secret recipe!  When you register you will be asked to provide your availability and you will be grouped with other players of a similar age, skill level, and gender.  After we create the groups we will email you to confirm that the schedule will work for you.  Schedules will be released about a week prior to the start of the season depending upon when you submitted registration.  The earlier you register, the sooner we can get you scheduled – the early bird gets the worm!

We currently do not train adults, though we do work with college and professional players.  Please email doug@evobball.com for more information.

Our facilities and equipment are only for our training staff and clients, they are not available to rent.

Cancellation Policy:
1. Full refund if requested at least one week prior to the start of the season or in the event of injury that prevents the player from finishing the remainder of the season.
2. Within 6 days of a season we will provide a credit towards future training or refund the balance, less a $50 cancellation fee.
3. After a season begins we will only provide a credit towards future training.

Pro-rating Policy:
1. Training and Clinics are pro-rated only for players who enroll after a season has begun.
2. The registration system will automatically pro-rate week by week on Sundays, reflecting the adjusted cost due to late enrollment.
3. Pro-rated costs are not available due to vacation, scheduling conflicts, etc.
4. Team Evolution will not be pro-rated.
5. Camp pro-ration can be requested on a case by case basis depending upon the demand for the particular week of camp.

Makeup Policy:
1. Make-ups must be arranged in advance, in writing, by email.
2. Make-ups due to scheduling conflicts must be requested at least 24 hours prior to the session.
3. Make-ups due to illness or injury must be requested prior to the session start time.
4. Missing a session without notification by email will be considered a no-show and no make-up will be provided.
5. Email your program director to discuss the number of make-ups you can schedule.
Very Important: Make-ups will not be provided retroactively, it is your responsibility to notify us in advance.

To contact the program director in regards to any of the above policies you may contact:

Training: doug@evobball.com

Clinics: stanley@evobball.com

Team Evolution: brian@evobball.com

Camps: stanley@evobball.com

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