Free Year of Training!

//Free Year of Training!








Join Evolution in supporting Peace Players International ( and you could win a FREE YEAR OF TRAINING!!!

Join the raffle:

Read our blog post about Alex Harris’ experience with PPI in Israel.

At Evolution we talk about how we provide more than just basketball training, and this is a great opportunity for us to prove that.  We will be raffling off a free year of training to one lucky winner. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Peace Players International.

About Peace Players:
PeacePlayers International was founded in 2001 on the premise that “children who play together can learn to live together.” PeacePlayers International effectively blends together proven theories of social modeling, conflict resolution and public diplomacy to operate basketball and life-skills programs in historically divided regions that bring together thousands of children from different religious, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

Why Peace Players International (PPI):
Evolution’s Alex Harris and Alvin Brown were both teammates at Gonzaga HS with Peace Players Founder, Sean Touhey.  We’ve had the chance to see PPI grow from it’s inception to a world leader in peace.  Recently Alex Harris had the opportunity to join PPI in Israel to work with the Arab and Jewish communities to bring together a divided region using the game of basketball as our only tool.  After seeing the amazing works of PPI first hand in Jerusalem and the West Bank, we knew this was a program we had to do more to support.








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