Giving Back

Giving Back
Evolution Basketball has a few very special organizations that we are proud to support. Over the years we have connected with these organizations in a variety of different ways through fund raisers, camps, and several international trips. We feel privileged to supported these amazing organizations and help them grow and flourish.

Who we support

TCI Rising Stars

TCI Rising Stars

Evolution has spent the past 4 years helping develop the game of basketball in the Turks & Caicos Islands along side the TCI Rising Stars Basketball Club. Though the island loves the game of basketball they have never had any formal training or coaching until now. We are proud to support the Rising Stars as they bring the game to the island and help mentor the youth of TCI.

TCI Rising Stars

Peace Players International

Peace Players International was founded in 2000 by Sean Touhey a high school teammate of Evolution’s Alex Harris and Alvin Brown. Since it’s inception PPI has impacted more than 75,000 youth in over 15 countries. With it’s mission to unite, educate, and inspire young people in divided countries through basketball, PPI is truly changing the world.

In February 2016, Evolution’s Alex Harris visited PPI in Israel. Read his blog about this amazing experience bringing the Jewish and Arab communities together through basketball.

To learn more about Peace Players International

TCI Rising Stars

Erin Peterson Fund

Erin Peterson was one the tragic victims of the Va. Tech shootings, and also of my first clients I ever had in this business. I began working with Erin in 2003 when she was a freshman at Westfield High School. Our workouts were held at an outdoor court and in the beginning, Erin was not a very talented post player. But with her dedicated work ethic, positive attitude, and the strong influence of her family she developed into one of the top post players in the area. The impact that she left on the Northern Va. basketball community is immeasurable due to her positive attitude and friendly demeanor. She was always a team leader and a positive influence on all of her teammates with her constant encouragement and upbeat way of life.

Erin’s spirit lives on today in all of our hearts and through the Erin Peterson Fund. Each year two scholarships are given; the Erin Peterson Leadership Award and the Erin Peterson Commit to Excel Award. The Erin Peterson Fund is 100% donor dependent, the goal is to endow the fund in order to guarantee that Erin’s legacy lives on. If you are interested in donating or would like to find out more about the fund, please visit

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