I EVOLVE: Greatness



Somehow we have come to believe that

Greatness is only for the chosen few..

For the Superstars.

The truth is, Greatness is for us all.

This is not about lowering expectations,

It is about raising them…

For every last one of us.

Greatness is not in one special place and

It is not in one special person.

Greatness is wherever

Somebody is trying to find it.  

      When I came across this quote it really struck me to the core.  When we think of “Greatness” we often think of who we see on TV, such as Lebron James, Tom Brady, Denzel Washington, and Adele.  Every time they are mentioned, it is usually in the context of “man isn’t he/she the greatest” or “that guy/gal is a superstar”.  We then go on to think that we could never be as great as him or her.  The truth is , yes they are great, but it is not because they were born a superstar or born great.  They are just great at what they do because they have worked their entire life at it and have fought through great difficulty.  They committed to their craft and always believed they could achieve great things each day.  

         Yes, maybe we cannot play basketball like Lebron James or sing as well as Adele, but what we can be is great at whatever we do each day.  When that alarm clock goes off at 8am we have the ability to fulfil greatness for that day in everything we do.  We can be a great student, doctor, teacher, or parent for that day.  If we focus on being great and doing as well as we can each day, then we will be able to stack great days together, which turn into great weeks, and those weeks turn into months and years.  By the end, we will be able to look back and see how many patients we treated, students we affected,  or how much love/guidance we have shared with our kids.  If you really think about it, that is what greatness is all about.  Being a popular superstar is not the only way greatness is achieved.  Greatness is achieved by having high expectations for ourselves each day to use the talents that we do have to the highest of our ability and to strive toward this goal each day.  When that alarm clock goes off tomorrow, you have an option to be great…will you take it or pass on it?!


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