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adjective, tougher, toughest

1. Strong and durable; not easily broken or cut.

2. Not brittle or tender.

3. Difficult to masticate, as food:

a tough steak.

4. Of viscous consistency, as liquid or semiliquid matter:

tough molasses.

5. Capable of great endurance; sturdy; hardy:

tough troops.

6. Not easily influenced, as a person; unyielding; stubborn:

a tough man to work for.


From Jay Bilas – “Toughness”

“I know that I am capable of true toughness. I believe we are all

capable of exhibiting the kind of toughness valued and

emphasized in this book.

I also accept that I am not as tough as I want to be, and that I

have to continue to strive, every day, to be tougher — for

myself, my team, and my family. Toughness isn’t about

bravado. It is about meeting challenges head-on and not

shrinking from them.

And when I get knocked down, I strive to be tough enough to

get up and keep fighting. Based upon the principles in this

book, those that I have learned from so many great people in

my life, I know that I am tougher than I used to be, and I can

and will be tougher tomorrow than I am today.

We can all be tougher, and we can be tougher together.”

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