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Chantilly Facility Manager

4 Years Coaching Experience
4 Years Training Experience



  • John D.O’Bryant HS, 2009
  • Marianapolis Preparatory School, 2010
  • Quinnipiac University, BA Media Studies, 2014
  • University of Texas, MA Advertising, 2018

Playing Career:

  • John D.O’Bryant High School
  • Quinnipiac University (NCAA Division I)
  • Marin Peixegalego (Spain Professional League)

Coaching Career:

  • University of Texas 2016-2018
  • Integrity Sports 2018
  • USA Basketball 2018-2019

I always loved the game of basketball; I remember growing up and learning to the play the game with my two older brothers. Growing up as a first generation Nigerian kid in Boston I had no choice but to see the game through my siblings and the neighborhood kids as we would play until the late evening. I love my parents and without them I would not be here today, but growing up they were all about academics and rightfully so. Who knew a lanky 5’11 eighth grader would eventually blossom into a division one basketball player with over 1600 points, 1000 rebounds and three-all conference teams?

I believe my love for the game grew steadily up until about my sophomore year of high school when something just clicked. I knew I was talented but always slightly overlooked. I realized this was true when a HS assistant coach told me and my teammates that we are all Division 3 players working to help get one of my teammates a Division 1 scholarship. I have no problem with Division 3 basketball and believe it is a blessing, but the comment at the time just really ignited something within me because I knew I had the ability to play at a higher level. Motivation can be a amazing thing, as you feel as if you are able to challenge and change anything and everyone.

I believe it was 2008 when I began playing basketball for Metro Boston which is one of the top AAU teams in the city who has produced many college players and a number of pros including several in the NBA.  My two AAU coaches, Mo Vasquez and Oscar Lopez, made the greatest impact in my athletic career and I will never forget them. They may not know it, but they made me a better basketball player and a better man just by teaching me how to play the game the right way and how to gain the confidence to succeed. It made such an impact on me, I want to be able to have that same effect on other kids. Just because other people don’t believe in you doesn’t mean you stop believing in yourself. With the wisdom I now have, I look forward to giving back to the community the same way it’s given to me.  Through my experience with Metro Boston, and the confidence those coaches provided me, I was able to achieve my dream of playing D1 basketball at Quinnipiac University.

I always thought I would play professionally for 20 years and never really thought beyond that, but factors in my health sent me home early and I needed to figure out my next steps.  As I began to reflect and realize how much the game had given to me, it became obvious that it is only right I give back to the game of basketball. After my professional career ended, I had the amazing opportunity to go back to school and receive my Masters from the University of Texas and work as a graduate assistant coach under Final Four Head Coach Shaka Smart.  A few more opportunities came up after graduation where I was able to assist in the summer training for NBA greats Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Blake Griffin, as well as getting to work with USA Basketball. Getting to work under USA Basketball Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy was an opportunity of a lifetime and what I was able to learn I will be able to carry with me and teach in the future.

Now with the opportunity to work with Evolution it allows me to use all of my life’s experiences and pass them on to the next generation of players!  I will be able to teach players how to achieve their dreams if they are willing and motivated to put in the work. Life is full of bumps and turns but you have the ability to write your own destiny!
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