Evolution Performance & Skills Trainer
2 years training experience


  • DuPont Manual High School
  • George Mason University



Playing Experience:

  • DuPont Manual High School
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • George Mason University

Coaching Experience:

  • Evolution Performance Trainer
  • Evolution Summer Skills Academy Camp
  • George Mason University Basketball Camp

When I started college, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I picked a major my sophomore year because I had to, only to change it and then I transferred. What I did know is that I wanted to be involved in the fitness and health field.

I had a basketball in my hand since before I could walk. My dad taught me everything growing up. I started playing AAU travel ball at the age of nine and since then there hasn’t been a summer when I wasn’t playing the game I love.

My first two years of college were spent at Southeast Missouri State University. After my freshman year, unfortunately, I became injury plagued. I had left knee surgery because I dislocated my patella four times in three years and well, that is just not normal. I went through the necessary rehab to heal my knee but it didn’t feel the same going into my sophomore year. At the conclusion of the season one of my coaches, that I had built a strong relationship with, decided to take a job with George Mason University. Because of our bond I decided to transfer to George Mason where I would finish my collegiate career.

When you transfer within the same NCAA Division, you have to sit out for one season. As a redshirt, I couldn’t travel or play in any games. I was a practice player. My only tasks were to keep good grades, get in the weight room and prepare the team for the upcoming game while being on the scout team. Knowing I had a whole year off of basketball, I became married to the weight room. I wanted to become bigger, stronger and faster. I knew that’s what I had to do. It was the perfect recipe for me to improve my game and get my knee stronger.

When I first got to Mason I couldn’t a single leg step down and couldn’t get through a whole work out without having to call it quits. But during my redshirt year I developed a great relationship with our strength coach. I was always picking his brain and asking questions. Not only did he help me get bigger, stronger and faster but he helped improve my mental toughness on and off the court and also helped me become a better person. That’s when my level for appreciation for performance training grew.

Considering all the great mentors and relationships I built throughout my basketball career, I decided that having an opportunity to help young basketball players is something I would be passionate about. I hope to inspire the players that I work with on the court and beyond, just as my coaches did with me. I am excited to begin my journey as an Evolution Performance Trainer and hope that I can touch the lives of many players in the years to come.

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