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Lead Trainer & Manager Ashburn
7 Years Coaching Experience
2 Years Training Experience



  • Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania – Bachelor of Science, 2011
  • California University of Pennsylvania – Master of Science, 2016

Playing Experience:

  • Notre Dame of East Stroudsburg High School
  • 3 time District 11 A Champion

Coaching Experience:

  • Lock Haven University – Student Assistant 2008-11 (3 seasons with MBB and 2 with
  • California University – Graduate Assistant (Men’s) 12-13 (1 year)
  • St. Mary’s College of Maryland – Assistant Men’s Coach 13-14 (1 year)
  • Penn State Harrisburg – Assistant Men’s Coach 14-17 (3 years)
  • Central Pa Elite AAU – 9 th grade girls
Basketball has been such a big part of my life and continues to take me places that I thought I would never go. The journey has been special and has allowed my next stop to be a special one. Becoming part of the Evolution Basketball community is an exciting time for me as a professional. It’s been a long road, and I am ready to embrace this fantastic experience.
I have always been around basketball from camps, travel teams, high school, college, open gyms, etc. There have been many struggles, but just like in life, there have been many positive times as well. From living in a different area then most of your high school teammates, to having to ride your bike 10 miles to workout at an outdoor park, there were always obstacles that I met head on. There is one particular experience that exemplifies my passion, personality, and dedication to basketball and those around me. Throughout my high school career I would attend a basketball camp in the Poconos. This  was an all-outdoor camp with asphalt courts and cabins to sleep in. This camp included players from many of the neighboring cities and states  and many these campers took for granted the opportunity they had to attend a camp like this. These players were sent there but did not love being there, but I attended every session I could because of my love for the game. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to attend the Poconos camp after my first year. However, my skills gave me the opportunity to build a relationship with the director of the camp who then gave me a chance to work while attending camp. It was a work exchange program that meant I was a camper but after a game or drill session I’d have to go to work. No naps, swimming, or hanging out with other people. I would be cleaning the restrooms, cleaning the mess hall, landscaping, taking out the trash, you name it and I’m sure I did it.  That experience for me as a young 8th grader all the way through high school taught me many lessons. Work hard and meet obstacles head on,  as you never know other people’s journey and appreciate every opportunity you get!
I attended Lock Haven University (LHU) for many reasons but the main two were a basketball opportunity and to get a great education.   When I was choosing a college to attend, I found a golden opportunity to assist the men’s basketball program at LHU. I learned so many lessons from that experience and gained confidence in coaching. As a junior I saw an opportunity to broaden my horizons and work with the women’s basketball program. I loved that experience because it opened my eyes to a bigger basketball world. I loved both experiences  and I worked with both programs my senior year. I doubled up on scouting, practices, workouts, and meetings, all while attending class and having my eye on graduation.
As a college coach at all small schools you wear many different hats, Recruiting, scouting, and game days are the times people envy as an assistant coach, but the duties  of leading stud, hall monitoring, cleaning the locker room or gym, and doing the laundry are the jobs people don’t see. All because of my camp work experience in high school, I was able to MEET the obstacles head on, work hard at any task assigned to me, and appreciate the colleagues along side of me who were chasing a dream.
All my different stops in coaching and life have taught me a few things that I look to bring with me to Evolution Basketball. A joyful passion and personality to each day, charismatic communication with anyone who crosses my path, a trust between co-workers, players, and families, and finally a tradition and culture to carry on and embody everyday.
My Evolution Basketball experience is bringing everything together. I get to get back to the basics and developing players on and off the floor. I get to work with kids of all ages and abilities who can bring  many different joys to the game. I get to be a part of a close knit family of colleagues and trainers. I am thankful that Alex Harris has welcomed me into this opportunity and I am always ready to hit the ground running.
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