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Preseason Prep Info & FAQ’s

Evolution’s Preseason Prep program runs a bit different which tends to bring up a lot of questions.  No worries, we’re here to help!
Why?  The Fall is so incredibly important to a basketball player, so we ramp up the time, intensity, and frequency of training to prepare each player for tryouts and the season.  This allows us more time to prepare players both physically and mentally.
You will find on this page a quick video that will answer a lot of your questions along with an in-depth FAQ’s section.

When you are ready to register for Preseason Prep you can return to the main training page or go straight to the registration by clicking the blue “Registration” button.

The answers to all of your questions (hopefully)!

If this section answers all of your questions you can proceed to registration.  If not, feel free to email us at or call at (703) 282-2944
What is Preseason Prep?
 Preseason Prep is the absolute best way to get players prepared for the upcoming season with 2 or more training sessions per week.  Each player will have:

  • One weekday workout focusing on individual skills (1 hr)

    • Weekday Individual Skills workouts are in small groups of approximately 5 players where we focus on position specific skills.

  • One weekend workout focusing on team based skills (1.5 hrs)

    • Weekend Team Skills workouts are in groups of 10-12, similar to a team practice, so we can focus on team concepts and have live play.

  • You can add additional Skills Training for $25/hr. This gives you up to 3.5 hours of training per week

Who can join Preseason Prep?  
The program is available to both boys and girls from 5th grade through 12th grade.  Of course, we will have separate groups for gender, ability, age, etc.  We recommend that all players in 5th-8th grade have Travel or AAU experience.  Preseason Prep is open to all High School players.
Are there any team or group discounts?  
Yes.  Workout with your Team this Fall!  Group Discount – $50 off per player

When does Preseason Prep begin?
The week of Monday, September 9th.  That does not mean your first training session is necessarily on Monday the 9th, though it could be.  We will begin that week and your first session is the day/time that you will be scheduled.
When does Preseason Prep end?  The end of Preseason Prep is the weekend of Saturday, November 2n and Sunday, November 3rd depending on which day you are scheduled.
How does the schedule work?  We do not have a preset schedule.  We take the input from all participants to schedule groups based upon the availability of players of similar ability. We will do our best to create a schedule based upon your first request, however this is not always possible, so we appreciate your flexibility in advance.  Our goal with the schedule is to create extremely competitive groups while providing the most convenient schedule possible.
When will I get my schedule?   As soon as possible… Sorry for the sarcastic answer!  The way Preseason Prep works is that we schedule everyone individually and create the most competitive groups possible.  That takes time and there are A LOT of factors.  We generally are able to get the schedule to people 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the program.
What if I don’t know my availability right now?  No problem, just give us what you know now during the registration process, and if anything changes let us know asap!


How many days of training is there each week?  We have a few options for that depending on if you would like to add Performance Training to your Preseason Prep schedule.

  • Option 1: Preseason Prep Skills Training Only – 2 total sessions each week.  One during the week and one weekend session. $585

  • Option 2: Preseason Prep + 1 Skills Session – 3 total sessions each week.  One skills session during the week and one skills session on the weekend.  Plus one additional Skills session each week. $785

What if I have to miss a session, do you provide makeups?  Yes we do, here’s the makeup policy…

  • Preseason Prep (Skills Only): You will receive 2 total makeups over the course of the fall.

  • Preseason Prep + 1 additional Skills Session: You will receive 3 total makeups over the course of the fall..


What locations do you hold Preseason Prep?

  • Fairfax – We use Evolution’s Merrifield Training Facility, Accotink Academy which is in Springfield (next to West Springfield HS), and Merritt Academy which is 2 miles from our Merrifield Training Facility.  You can choose your training location.

    • Merrifield Facility 2940B Prosperity Dr. Fairfax VA 22031

    • Accotink Academy 8519 Tuttle Rd. Springfield, VA. 22152

    • Merritt Academy 9211 Arlington Blvd Fairfax VA 22031


  • Ashburn – Training will be held at Evolution’s Ashburn training facility as well as the Potomac Athletic Center (PAC).  The PAC is located in Ashburn about half a mile from our Ashburn facility.

    • Ashburn Facility 21760 Beaumeade Circle #150 Ashburn‎ VA‎ 20147

    • Potomac Athletic Center 44600 Guilford Dr. Suite 100 Ashburn VA 20147


  • Chantilly – Training will be held at Evolution’s Chantilly training facility the CYA Fieldhouse.

    • Chantilly Facility 14810 Murdock St Chantilly VA 20151


  • Gainesville – Training will be held at Evolution’s Gainesville training facility.

    • Gainesville Facility 7679 Limestone Dr #115 Gainesville VA 20155

If I play a Fall Sport can I still do Preseason Prep?  Yes, please email…

…for complete information, pricing, and scheduling options.

Who will my trainer be?  That will depend on the location and the day you are available.  If you have a pre-existing relationship with one of our trainers, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can try to put you in their schedule.

Can I do Group or Private Shooting Training in the fall?  We do not offer Shooting Training during the fall for a very specific reason.  It is our feeling that we should not be changing players shots right before the start of the season and before tryouts.  During the fall you should focus on shooting repetition which is something we do a tremendous amount of in our Preseason Prep groups.  If you want to change your shot, that’s something we should begin doing immediately after the season ends.

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