2018-2019 Season in Review

//2018-2019 Season in Review

2018-2019 Season in Review

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With another great high school basketball season in the books, a number of Evolution’s players received recognition for their stellar play throughout the year. At the season’s end, 22 of Evolution’s players were named 1st Team All-District or Conference, 19 had won District Championships, 15 won Regional Championships, 10 were named 1st Team All-Region, 9 had joined the 1,000-point club, 7 were named All-Met, as well as many more awards. Additionally, many up and coming players were major contributors to their varsity teams, others developed on their JV or Freshman teams, and even more played on their local county league team with dreams of High School success in the future! It was a great year for our players and we could not be more proud of them. Specifically, three of those players who had great success this season, have been training with Evolution since middle school, we wanted to highlight not just their success but what got them to this point.
Garrett Johnson (Jr. Oakton High School)
This season Garrett was a starter for the Oakton Cougars, he averaged 18.5 points per game and was named Conference Player of the Year. All of this just a year after spending most of his Sophomore season on the bench. Garrett began training with Evolution as a rising fifth grader, and it’s been a long road to what he’s become today. In middle school, Garrett had the reputation of as one of the top players in the area. He has always been extremely competitive, very talented, and generally trained with players two years older than him so he could be in the same group as his older brother Braden. Not only was Garrett able to compete in those training sessions with the older players, but often outplayed them. According to his trainer Doug Howard, after his disappointing sophomore season, “He spent a lot of time in the weight room and training in the gym. Garrett really improved his ball handling and finishing ability to go along with his already great shooting. By the end of the offseason, his confidence in handling the ball and taking defenders off the dribble was at an all-time high. This allowed him to be a more well-rounded player.” All of that hard work paid off, leading to him being named District player of the year in large part because of his confidence and the work that he has put in. Doug also mentioned, that Garrett “knows he works as hard, if not harder, than anyone else and therefore knows he is ready when it is game time. He is extremely coachable and is eager to learn and get better when training.” Garrett has one more high school season left and will motivated to build on his recent success.
Landon Hawes (Jr. Potomac Falls High School)
Landon has been training with Evolution since he was in the 7th grade, and through a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, he has experienced a great amount of growth over the past few years. This season as a junior, Landon helped lead Potomac Falls to one of their best seasons in school history, going 27-2. He was extremely fortunate to play alongside his older brother, Hayden who will play golf at Shepard U next year, and for his dad Jeff who is the legendary coach of Potomac Falls. Landon’s success on varsity last year as a sophomore gave him confidence going into this season where he averaged 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists on his way to being named 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-Region, and becoming a Region Champion. His trainer, Mike Zito believes that “His IQ and willingness to be in any role or complete any task asked of him [is why he is so successful]. He works really hard on details and has the drive to get better and not be comfortable. He is a good perimeter shooter and his size (6’4) poses problems when he posts up as well”. Potomac Falls came extremely close to a State Championship this past season, losing in the semi-finals. With another summer of hard work ahead, Landon will look to build off of what was a fantastic season and take another step forward his senior year.
Carol Miller (Sr. Edison High School)
Carol just completed her senior season and amazing High School career at Edison High School. She averaged 18.6 points per game, winning a District and Regional Championship but losing in the State-Finals. Carol has been with Evolution since the 7th grade when she walked into one of our summer camps quickly realizing she was the only girl there. Though she was a bit nervous that week, she dominated the boys and never looked back! Carol is an extremely versatile, high IQ basketball player who has evolved into a great leader over the years. Her trainer, Doug Howard, said that one of her greatest improvements is her “on court leadership with her high school team.  When she was on the bench she was cheering on her teammates and during stoppages of play or timeouts she was ready to give advice”. On the court, Doug said that she has enhanced her shooting and ball-handling, now to the point where she can be considered a consistent 3 point shooter. In the off-season, Carol is an extremely hard worker as she comes to Evolution for performance training twice a week, skills sessions 1-2 times a week, and plays an extensive AAU schedule with Boo Williams. She is not just a great player, but excels in the classroom as well, which is why she chose to accept a full scholarship to play basketball at the University of Virginia. We cannot wait to see Carol in that UVA jersey as we know her teammates and coaches will love her not only as a player but also as a person because “other players love being around her as she’s always ready to dish out a joke!”
We are extremely proud of our players and the success they had this season winning Championships, numerous awards, showing steady improvements, and learning to handle adversity. With the offseason here, it is time to continue to work because “buckets don’t grow on trees, you’ve got to work for them.” Let’s get in the gym!

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