Lead Trainer & Manager Gainesville
7 Years Coaching Experience
2 Years Training Experience


  • Brentsville District High School
  • Bridgewater College – Bachelor of Science, 2013

Playing Experience:

  • Brentsville District High School – 3 years varsity
  • Mackay Meteors Basketball (Australia)

Coaching Experience:

  • Bridgewater College – Student Assistant 2011-15 (4 seasons)
  • Franklin and Marshall College – Assistant Men’s Coach 2015-18 (3 years)
  • Wilbur Pence Middle School – Head Coach 7th grade boys 2013-15 (2 years)

The game of basketball has offered me opportunities to see the world, develop relationships, and be mentored by great coaches. The most recent opportunity with Evolution Basketball has allowed me to do something really special as I return home to Gainesville where my basketball journey began.

As far back as I can remember there was a basketball in my hands. As a young kid growing up on Tall Timber Drive in Gainesville all I wanted to do was play basketball. There was something about the game that captivated my mind, even reaching the point that my parents would make me come inside during the winter because my knuckles were bleeding from shooting hoops in the cold for too long. From GDBA to Brenstville there were many stops along the way, including AAU with the Gainesville Gators and Prince William Pacers, camps at Frostburg State, VCU, and team trips to Disney World. What I didn’t realize during this time is that all of these small steps were building blocks to a life dedicated to basketball.

Entering my senior year of high school I became best friends with our starting point guard, who just happened to arrive that summer from Australia. He and his family quickly sold me on the idea of going over to Mackay, Australia and playing basketball for a season upon graduation. Basketball had somehow given me the chance to go live in the one country I always wanted to visit. Following my time overseas I enrolled at Bridgewater College and got to know the basketball staff really well, which eventually lead to a coaching internship and student coaching job on the staff.

After four years of coaching at Bridgewater College, 2 years as a student assistant and 2 years as a volunteer assistant I landed an assistant coaching job at Franklin & Marshall College where I had the chance to work for a living legend, Head Coach Glenn Robinson. Coach Robinson taught me more about basketball than I could’ve ever imagined but more importantly he taught life lessons along the way. While his 952 career victories are remarkable, it was his impact on the players lives that shined brightest. During my three years at Franklin & Marshall basketball let me live continue fulfill a dream of coaching at the college level, travel to Canada, win a conference championship in 2015-16, and coach in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament in 2017-2018!

Being a Division III assistant was far from glorious, but it challenged me in a way that could only make me a better coach and person. Long recruiting trips where the morning would start at 5:00am and end at 3:00am the next morning, late nights preparing scouting reports, and breaking down film simply to help the team and the players prepare and get better. The value and passion that experience brought to my life is now something I plan on offering to every athlete I train.

Evolution Basketball has truly provided me with a unique opportunity that very few people ever get, the chance to return home and do something they love. I get to train players that enjoy playing basketball and help them grow as players and individuals. I’m incredibly thankful to Alex Harris and the staff at Evolution for bringing me in to the Evolution Family.

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