What’s The Move Wednesday?

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What’s The Move Wednesday? 2017-10-22T17:30:59-04:00

Join Evolution & Phil Guglielmo as he takes you through the “What’s The Move Wednesday” video series.  You’ll find great drills posted to help you continue to work on your game.  Look for drills of all levels including simple, college, pro level drills.

If want to reach out directly to Phil about any of his videos or recommend future topics please email him directly at phil@evobball.com


Episode 13: Greatest Tennis Ball Drills

Wednesday, June 29 –


Episode 13: How To Step Back Like A Pro

Wednesday, June 1 –


Episode 12: Weak Hand Finishing Series

Wednesday, May 4 –


Episode 11: John Wall Hesitation

Wednesday, April 6 –


Episode 10: Lebron Behind the Back Spin

Wednesday, March 2 –


Episode 10: Kevin Durant

Wednesday, February 24 –


Episode 9: In Season Ball Handling

Wednesday, December 16 –


Episode 8: Steph Curry Ankle Breaker

Wednesday, November 25 –


Episode 7: Kyrie Irving Crossover

Wednesday, November 18 –


Episode 6: Worlds Greatest Basketball Core Strength Exercises

Wednesday, September 16th –


Episode 5: How To Score Out Of The Triple Threat

Wednesday, September 2nd –


Episode 4: How To Increase Your Vertical

Wednesday, August 12th –


Episode 3: Steph Curry Crossover Series

Wednesday, July 22nd –


Episode 2: Scoring Off A Down Screen

Wednesday, July 15th –


Episode 1: Slam & Scoop

Wednesday, July 1st –

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