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Meet Henry Martinez | Evolution Basketball Skills Trainer


Who Am I?

My name is Henry Martinez, and I am originally from Costa Rica, but I have been living in the United States for more than four years.

Playing Career Background:

I played high school basketball at Santa Cecilia in Heredia Costa Rica, from there I committed to the American University of Puerto Rico, where I spent two years. From there I went on to play professional basketball for more than 15 years in different countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and finally I finished my career in my home country. I averaged over 20 points or more per game for all the teams that I had the chance to play for.

What was your most memorable playing career moment?

Well, I have a few…

My first memorable moment was representing my country for the Central American tournament in San Jose Costa Rica! Next up was playing my last game for my country with all my family watching and enjoying the game. This was a very special moment because we won the tournament on our home court! Lastly, was playing for the Costa Rican National team, where I averaged 19 points per game.

Why do you train players?

The reason why I coach and train, is because I love the game of basketball. When I was growing up, I didn’t have anyone to guide me or teach me the game and that’s the reason why I decided to be a coach and trainer. Basketball has given me everything, it gave me my studies, my family, and it continues to give me the opportunity to build great relationships all around the world. My mission is to share all my knowledge and experience with all my players and to help them achieve their goals in life.  

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