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College Prep Program

College Prep

College Prep is designed for players with a burning desire to compete at the college level. It encompasses all of the necessary factors to elevate players to the college level including development, teaching families the recruiting process, and helping with college placement. As the leader in development with over 500 of our players having gone to play in college we have the professional experience to provide this exclusive program.

Eligibility & Pricing

What's Included?

Training - see more

College Prep Players must commit to training with our staff for a minimum of 4 out of 5 seasons per year. Our seasons are: Fall, Winter, Early Spring, Spring, & Summer. 

Each of our College Prep players will have access to the Evolution facilities outside of our training hours to get in extra work and shots up.

5 Master Classes a year and 1-2 Workshops a month. These are run mainly by Evolution’s staff but also by college coaches as frequent as possible.

  • What is an EVO Master Class? Our master classes are an opportunity to bring all of our college prep players together to work with our Evolution staff to focus on a specific topic important to the college game. This is an opportunity to learn and compete with the best Evolution has to offer!
  • What is a Workshop? Group sessions run by Evolution trainers to focus on a specific skill, or a guest workshop by college coaches! Both are great opportunities to continue to develop.

Visit colleges for practices and games and get training from college coaches. Learn what college basketball is all about and where you belong.

With a large number of colleges local to the DC area we have options to visit schools at different levels from D3 to high major D1. After watching practices and games at a variety of levels it will help players better understand their potential level.

We teach families how recruiting works and help them navigate the process which reduces the stress and confusion.

These sessions help players set goals and create the road map to achieve them. 

Each player will have one road mapping session a year to set goals, create a plan, and hold players accountable!


Commit to us and we will commit to you. If you commit to training 4 out of our 5 seasons a year we will provide everything College Prep has to offer at no additional fees.
Our training costs are as follows:
1x / week – $48/hr. ($48 weekly)
2x / week – $39/hr. ($78 weekly)
3x / week – $34/hr. ($102 weekly)
(Over the course of a year we have 45 weeks of training within our seasons. By committing to 4/5 seasons that would be a minimum of 34 weeks a year)

College Prep Training Staff

College prep trainers have all played at the highest levels of college basketball and will help guide those who want to achieve the same goal.

Doug Howard


Phil Guglielmo


Kevin Holland

Chantilly, Manassas

Brianna Bishop

Chantilly, Ashburn

Keijon Honore

Ashburn, Manassas

Kethan Savage


Chris Oates

0 +

College Players

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Chuck Harris


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Hunter Dickinson


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Carole Miller


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Myles Stute


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Ian Martinez


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Terrance Williams


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Duro Oluwasegun

St. Bonaventure

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Josh Nickelberry


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Otis Livingston II

George Mason

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Wes Peterson


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Kirby Burkholder


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Meghan O’Brien


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Andre Screen


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Garrett Johnson


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Garrett Brennen

Loyola (MD)

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Isaiah Folkes

UNC Charlotte

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Yusef Salih


College Prep Location

Select your location below for information on pricing, staff, registration, and what types of training are offered.

Evolution Merrifield Facility picture

Evolution Merrifield

2940B Prosperity Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031

Evolution Chantilly Facility picture

Evolution Chantilly

14810 Murdock St, Chantilly, VA 20151

Evolution Ashburn Facility picture

Evolution Beaumeade

21760 #150, Beaumeade Cir, Ashburn, VA 20147

Evolution Gainesville Facility picture

Evolution Gainesville, VA

7679 Limestone Dr #115, Gainesville, VA 20155

Evolution Primary copy

Evolution Manassas

11900 Livingston Rd #119 Manassas, VA 20109

Evolution Basketball Cape Court

Evolution Cape Court

44710 Cape Ct, Ashburn, VA 20147 Suite #140

Evolution Primary copy

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College Prep FAQs

Each session is 1 hour long. You can select to train 1, 2, or 3x per week. 

 1x/week = $45/Session

 2x/week = $38/Session

 3x/week = $33/Session

At the time of registration you can choose to pay the full season total or a deposit with the remaining balance charged mid way through the season.

A Master Class is something completely unique to Evolution that we are very fortunate to have as a part of the College Prep program.  Once a month, we will be bringing all players together (example, Saturday 8am-10am) for a deep dive on a specific topic that is critical to a players success at the college level.  We will have one of Evolution’s trainers or a college coach come in to teach a topic and all of Evolution’s College Prep trainers will be in attendance to help out and continue to learn themselves (example, setting and using ball screens).  Then for the next month, all of the weekly college prep training sessions will continue to emphasize this topic to allow players time to master this skill set or concept!
We will also be using the Master Classes as a time to touch on some other topics that players need to be to become successful like leadership, mental toughness, dealing with adversity, sleep, and nutrition.  
We’ll be using several different formats all of which will be tailored to the fact that we have a wide spectrum of age groups within college prep. Here are some of the formats for teaching how the recruiting process works:
  • Zoom calls where we will bring on guest college coaches to help us teach the process.
  • In person seminars (for example, while players are in their master classes).
  • During Career Road Mapping Sessions which provides a more individual setting.
The foundation of College Prep.  Each player and family will be required to have an individual meeting with one of Evolution’s College Prep staff to set goals and create a clear road map of how to achieve those goals.  We will be looking at each factor that will effect a players career including skills, strength and conditioning, mental, school, and AAU.  The road map will be the accountability component that guide players to achieve their dreams of college basketball. 
The Training schedule and pricing does not change from what you’ve come to expect. We are making some tweaks to the Evolution Training format to create a specific pathway to college success.  Players will graduate through a 3 phase format:
Phase 1: Skills Building
In the skill building phase, we will have a more rigid structure to ensure that we are not skipping steps and players are well rounded in all skill sets.  High repetition of ball handling, footwork, finishing, shooting, etc to ensure players are ready to move on.
Phase 2: Skill Maintenance & Application 
At this point, players have built a solid foundation of skills and now they need to learn to apply it in game like situations. Our drills will mimic game like scenarios and players will have more opportunity for live play where decision making becomes a greater factor.
Phase 3: Skill Mastery & Execution
Once players reach this point in their development, our workouts are focused on high level concepts and players ability to navigate game like situations in a live setting.
Perfect! Not all players need to focus on getting to college yet.  College basketball is a tough process getting there and also once you arrive.  We want players to first love the game and then when they are ready they can take the game more serious.  Once a player is ready to commit to the workload and focus on this goal we can discuss if they are ready.  
Players should have a strong desire to play college basketball.  We know that kids don’t know everything about the college game, expectations at each level, etc, but we expect players to be working towards that goal with a burning desire.  If you are not sure and would like a player assessment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask!
We will be accepting players on the basis that they are both physically and mentally ready for this program and it’s commitment level.  If we do not accept your child that simply means they are not ready yet.  We will be happy to discuss with you why we feel they need more time to develop in other areas before joining College Prep, what those areas are, and how to improve in those areas.
Evolution’s yearly training calendar has 5 “Seasons” to include Fall, Winter, Early Spring, and Summer.  Each season is roughly 8-10 week long and for College Prep participants we require players to be training at minimum of 4 of those seasons.  We do this to ensure players are developing at an appropriate pace and not falling behind on their goals.  Also, Evolution will be pouring a tremendous amount of resources into each player off the court, we need to know that each player is as committed to their development as we are to them.  
Yes, one of the staples of the College Prep program is to create groups of players who have college potential and a strong desire to get there.  If you ever feel like your child isn’t in a group that is up to their level please discuss that with us, an open lines of communication with families in critical.
This is a simple process of contacting your facility manager who schedules all of your other training.  Generally private (or private shooting) training will not be consistent, rather a few sessions on occasion to correct some specific issues.  
We will be setting up optional “field trips” to visit local colleges for both practices and games periodically throughout the year.  Each season will bring different opportunities to see pre-season workouts, in-season practices/games, or spring/summer workouts. Our goal is to provide a wide spectrum for our players to see including both mens and women’s teams at George Mason University, Marymount University, American University, Catholic University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, and the University of Maryland.  
In one sense it’s crazy and another its necessary.  The more prepared players are going into High School, the more successful they will be in High School.  This will set them on the path towards the next steps of being college ready and a recruitable player. Also, we’ve found that so many talented players are incorrectly steered in the wrong direction towards High Schools or AAU programs that don’t develop their game and stall their potential.  Our goal is to be your advocate and help with some of these tough decisions. 

Select which program you would like to contact:

brian nelson headshot

Brian Nelson

Fundamental Training, Camps, Team Evo (all locations)

Doug Howard

Merrifield, VA - Advanced Training

Kevin Holland

Gainesville & Chantilly - Advanced Training

Brianna Bishop

Ashburn, VA - Advanced

Inclement Weather Update: 1.15.2024

All programs after 3:30pm are canceled due to inclement weather.

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