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Evolution’s Clinics are the absolute best options for players 3rd – 8th Grade to learn to love the game while improving their skills and understanding of the game!

  • Players currently in House League or CYO should sign up according to their grade.

  • Players new to basketball or no team experience should sign up for Basketball-4-Beginners (B4B).

  • NOTE: Advanced Middle School (AAU/Travel) and up please see Training information.

  • For more info please contact Stanley Babbit at 

Evolution’s Basketball Clinics focus on 3 main components of development which we feel creates a solid foundation to build upon:

Ball Control

Getting players more comfortable with a basketball in their hands is the first step to all skills including ball handling, layups, shooting, passing, etc.

Athletic Movements

Teaching players bodies to move like a basketball player should move.  Running, jumping, change of speed, agility, and more…

Having Fun!

If players are not having fun, they are not going to learn to love the game.  Nothing is more important to us to teach players the love of the game of basketball!

Summer Season of Clinics 

Summer Clinics
Boys & Girls 3rd – 8th Grade
June 25th – August 26th (9 weeks)

Our Summer Clinics are extremely popular and fill up quickly every year so we highly recommend registering as soon as possible!  Once a clinic has been marked FULL we will not be able to make any additions.  

Merrifield Summer Schedule: June 25th – August 26th

2940B Prosperity Ave. Merrifield VA 22031 

  • Monday 6-7pm (3rd-4th Grade)  
  • Monday 7-8pm (5th-6th Grade) 
  • Monday 8-9pm (7th-8th Grade) 
  • Thursday 6-7pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Thursday 7-8pm (5th-6th Grade) 
  • Thursday 8-9pm (7th-8th Grade)
  • Saturday 12-1pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Saturday 1-2pm (5th-6th Grade)
  • Saturday 2-3pm (7th-8th Grade)
  • Sunday 1-2pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Sunday 2-3pm (5th-6th Grade)
  • Sunday 3-4pm (7th-8th Grade)

Ashburn Spring Schedule: June 25th – August 26th

21760 Beaumeade Circle #150 Ashburn‎ VA‎ 20147   

  • Monday 5-6pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Monday 6-7pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Monday 7-8pm (5th-6th Grade) FULL
  • Monday 8-9pm (7th-8th Grade) 
  • Thursday 5-6pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Thursday 6-7pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Thursday 7-8pm (5th-6th Grade)
  • Thursday 8-9pm (7th-8th Grade)
  • Saturday 12-1pm (Bball-4-Beginners 3-6th w/ no team experience)
  • Saturday 1-2pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Saturday 2-3pm (5th-6th Grade)
  • Saturday 3-4pm (7th-8th Grade)
  • Sunday 12-1pm (Bball-4-Beginners 3-6th w/ no team experience)
  • Sunday 1-2pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Sunday 2-3pm (3rd-4th Grade)
  • Sunday 3-4pm (5th-6th Grade)

Half season and prorated rates are subject to availability.  Please contact Stanley Babbit for pricing and to register.

PLEASE NOTE: We now have a new registration software.  If you participated in our Fall Clinics, Winter Clinics, Early Spring Clinics, or Spring Clinics this year (2017-18) you can sign in as a returning client.  Otherwise everyone is a new client even if you have been with Evolution before.



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