Chantilly/South Riding Fundamental Basketball Training

How It Works?

Fundamental basketball Training is where players come to build the fundamental base needed to be successful in the game of basketball.

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Our Approach

Learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed on the court in a fun and exciting environment!


Ball Control

Getting players more comfortable with a basketball in their hands is the first step to all skills including ball handling, layups, shooting, passing, etc.


Athletic Movements

Teaching players bodies to move like a basketball player should move. Running, jumping, change of speed, agility, and more…


Having Fun

If players are not having fun, they are not going to learn to love the game. Nothing is more important to us to teach players the love of the game of basketball!

Fundamental Training Options

Learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed on the court in a fun and exciting environment!


Fundamentals 1

For all players in 1st & 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th graders with less than 3 years of team experience, and 6th-8th graders with less than 4 years of team experience.


Fundamentals 2

The next step is for players in 3rd - 5th grade with 3 or more years of team experience, and 6th-8th graders with 4 or more years of team experience.


Shooting Fundamentals

Open to all players in 3rd - 8th grades regardless of team experience. These are designed to complement our other fundamental sessions.

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Upcoming & Current Registrations

What Are Seasons? Think of Evolution’s Seasons like 8-10 week memberships where you can choose to attend one, two, or three sessions a week. We have 5 seasons a year - Fall, Winter, Early Spring, Spring, and Summer - which are all scheduled according to the school calendar to work seamlessly with your life.

Winter Season

Nov 14 -
Feb 12 (No sessions Dec 19 - Jan 1)
(11 Weeks)
$34/session (1 Session per Week)
$29/session (2 Sessions per Week)
$27/session (3 Sessions per Week)

Total season cost prorates every Sunday @ midnight.

Other Seasonal Information

Early Spring Season

Feb 13
- Apr 2
(7 Weeks)

Spring Season

Apr 10
- Jun 11
(9 Weeks)

Summer Season

Jun 19
- Aug 20
(9 Weeks)

I Am Here To Answer Your Questions!

Hi, my name is Brian Nelson, Director of Youth Programs. Shoot me an email and we can get all your questions answered. You can also email me to schedule a call!

Fundamental Training FAQs

Fundamental Training options are available for players in 1st – 8th grades ranging from beginners to those with house or rec league experience. Players with travel, AAU, or High School experience please see our advanced training program.

We offer sessions on multiple days at each location, and you may register for one, two, or three sessions per week. Each session is one hour long, and our seasons typically run for eight to twelve weeks at a time. When you register, you select the sessions you want your child to attend for the current season.

One session per week is $34 per session, two sessions per week are $29 per session ($58 per week), and three sessions per week are $27 per session ($81 per week).

Yes absolutely! We are happy to offer all new clients a free trial session. Visit our FREE TRIAL page for details.

While we do not have designated, weekly game times in the Fundamental Training program, each session will incorporate a variety of competitive drills and build up to utilizing game situations as teaching tools as the season goes on.

Our trainers are happy to provide you with feedback during the season and they will also connect with our Director of Youth Programs when they feel a program change is appropriate. You will then be contacted directly.

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Brian Nelson

Fundamental Training, Camps, Team Evo (all locations)

Doug Howard

Merrifield, VA - Advanced Training

Kevin Holland

Gainesville & Chantilly - Advanced Training

Brianna Bishop

Ashburn, VA - Advanced

Evolution At a Glance

Nov 14 | Winter SEASON Begins – Fundamental & Advanced Training Registration is OPEN!

Dec 19-21 | Winter Break Camp I  Registration is OPEN!

Dec 27-29 | Winter Break Camp II  Registration is OPEN!

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