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Evolution Skills Trainer
2 Years Coaching Experience
2 Years Training Experience



  • Bishop O’Connell High School,  2011
  • Roanoke College, 2015 – BS in Sport Management and a Concentration in Marketing

Playing Experience:

  • Bishop O’Connell – Arlington County Player of the Year, WCAC honorable mention, Marine Corp Distinguished Athlete Award
  • Roanoke College – ODAC All Academic Team, Team Captain
  • USA Athletes International – Played  teams in London, Paris and Amsterdam

Coaching Experience:

  • 2 years coaching experience
  • 2 years training experience


Growimeg gadell college headshotng up I was always involved in sports- there was never a time I was sitting around without a practice or a game that day. Surprisingly,  I did not want to play basketball at first!  When I was in second grade, we had a family friend volunteering as a coach and he told my mom I was going to be on his team even though I had not been signed up to play.  Little did I know, that after that first practice I would never stop playing.

Throughout my career I have had both great and not so great coaches- some would push me, others would talk about stats for an entire practice, some were only concerned about conditioning, and some would make us stand there and listen to them talk. Somewhere in between all the good and bad coaches I found Evolution. I had just started playing AAU so it was the first time I was really playing at a competitive level. I began training with Alex in seventh grade and he brought out an entirely new side of me.  I had always put forth effort into things, but there was something about being at Evolution and working with Alex that made me want to work even harder than before and settling was just not an option. All the work and time I put in led me to play varsity at O’Connell High School and earn Arlington County Player of the Year, WCAC honorable mention, and lead the conference in three pointers made. None of that would have been possible without the hard work and perseverance that was instilled in me at Evolution.

After a small set back from a back injury, I was fortunate to be able to continue my basketball career at Roanoke College. There I would go on to lead the team in three-pointers, finish second in scoring, minutes played and field goals, and third in blocked shots. I had an amazing experience and continued to take my game to a level I didn’t know was possible. The things I learned at Evolution helped me not only succeed on the court, but in life as well. After graduation I was invited to play for USA Athletes International which took me to play in London, Paris, and Amsterdam for two weeks.

After earning my degree in Sports Management and Marketing I came back home to take a year off and save some money. I knew right away I wanted to be involved in basketball again, but this time on the other side as a coach. I started working as a trainer for Evolution less than a year after I graduated. My passion for sports also led me to work for Disabled Sports USA- an organization that provides sport opportunities to athletes with disabilities. The chance to see athletes overcome incredible obstacles and be so successful is something I truly admire. There is nothing like seeing someone who others see as “limited” achieve each and every goal he or she has set. I am excited to be a part of two amazing organizations and pass on what I have learned to the youth of the future.

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