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Evolution’s Policies

Cancellation Policy:
1. Full refund if requested at least one week prior to the start of the season or in the event of injury that prevents the player from finishing the remainder of the season.
2. Within 6 days of a season we will provide a credit towards future training or refund the balance, less a $50 cancellation fee.
3. After a season begins we will only provide a credit towards future training.

Pro-rating Policy:
1. Training and Clinics are pro-rated only for players who enroll after a season has begun.
2. The registration system will automatically pro-rate week by week on Sundays, reflecting the adjusted cost due to late enrollment.
3. Pro-rated costs are not available due to vacation, scheduling conflicts, etc.
 4. Team Evolution will not be pro-rated.
5. Camp pro-ration can be requested on a case by case basis depending upon the demand for the particular week of camp.

Makeup Policy:
.1. The number of days per week you registered to train for are the number of makeups you receive for that current season. (For example, if you registered for skills training 1x per week for the summer season, you will receive 1 makeup session for the summer season)
.2. Make-ups must be arranged in advance, in writing, by email.
. Make-ups due to scheduling conflicts must be requested at least 24 hours prior to the session.
. Make-ups due to illness or injury must be requested prior to the session start time.
. Missing a session without notification by email will be considered a no-show and no make-up will be provided.
. Email your program director to discuss the number of make-ups you can schedule.
Very Important: Make-ups will not be provided retroactively, it is your responsibility to notify us in advance.

To contact the program director in regards to any of the above policies you may contact:

Training: doug@evobball.com

Clinics: brian@evobball.com

Team Evolution: brian@evobball.com

Camps: stanley@evobball.com

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