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Rockville, MD Small Group Basketball Training

How It Works?

Our Small Group Basketball Training program is completely custom! During registration we collect more information about your background to create a custom schedule just for you!

Meet Your Trainer, Alvin Brown

Alvin has over 20 years of basketball training & coaching experience. From high-level college and professional players to youth players just beginning, Alvin does it all!

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Group Training Options

Customize your basketball training! Choose any combination of the training options below during registration for a completely customized training schedule.


Basketball Skills Training

Intense hour long workouts designed to improve all aspects of your game! Ball Handling, Shooting, Footwork, Defense, Passing, Leadership & more!


Basketball Shooting Training

Hour-long sessions focused all on how to shoot the ball with proper mechanics. Form, Footwork, & Repetition!

Let Us Prove It To You!

We are confident that our basketball training programs are the absolute best in the business. Click the button below to sign up for a no-obligation FREE session!

Upcoming & Current Registrations

What Are Seasons? Think of Evolution’s Seasons like 8-10 week memberships where you can choose to train one, two, or three times a week. We have 5 seasons a year - Fall, Winter, Early Spring, Spring, and Summer - which are all scheduled according to the school calendar to work seamlessly with your life.

Summer Season

Jun 17 -
Aug 18
(9 Weeks)
$48/session (1 Sessions per Week)
$39/session (2 Sessions per Week)
$34/session (3 Sessions per Week)

Total season cost prorates every Sunday @ midnight.

Spring Season

Apr 1 -
Jun 9
(10 Weeks)
$48/session (1 Sessions per Week)
$39/session (2 Sessions per Week)
$34/session (3 Sessions per Week)

Total season cost prorates every Sunday @ midnight.

Other Seasonal Information

Spring Season

Apr 1
- Jun 9
(10 Weeks)

Summer Season

Jun 17
- Aug 18
(9 Weeks)

Preseason Prep (Fall) Season

Sept 2
- Nov 10
(10 Weeks)

Numbers Don't Lie.

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College Players

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Varsity Stars

I Am Here To Answer Your Questions!

Hi, my name is Nick Sparacino, Evolution Basketball Skills Trainer. Shoot me an email and we can get all your questions answered. You can also email me to schedule a call!

Training FAQs

Each session is 1 hour long. You can select to train 1, 2, or 3x per week. 

 1x/week = $48/Session

 2x/week = $39/Session

 3x/week = $34/Session

At the time of registration you can choose to pay the full season total or a deposit with the remaining balance charged mid way through the season.

Yes! When registering you will be charged the prorated rate for the remaining weeks left in the season. The facility manager will schedule you based on availability and schedule preferences. (Prices prorate every Monday)

Players are scheduled based on their availability provided at the time of registration.  It varies from season to season but generally, we try to have groups created a week before the start of the season. Groups are custom-built based on age, grade, and skill level to create a competitive environment.

We offer several different types of training programs (Skills Training, Shooting Training, and Competitive Play Training).  You can mix and match sessions depending on how many times a week you register for.

Skills Training: (Offered year-round) 1-hour session that covers Ball Handling, Finishing, Shooting, and Competition within the small group

Shooting Training: (Offered in every season except in the Fall/Preseason Prep) 1-hour sessions designed to create perfect shooting mechanics. Shooting training is slower-paced focusing on form, footwork, and repetition.

Competitive Play Training: (Offered during select seasons).  1-hour sessions that focused on player development through competitive play. Players will compete against one another in 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, & 4 on 4.

The Nations Top Training Staff! Evolution Basketball has the most accomplished training team in the country. Our staff consists of former college and professional players as well as former college coaches. To view our complete staff visit our training staff page.

Yes, absolutely! Check out our FREE TRIAL page for details!


Manager: Doug Howard –


Manager: Kevin Holland –


Manager: Kevin Holland – Handles all Boys schedules and Make Ups 

Assistant Manager: Brianna Bishop -Handles all Girls schedules and Make Ups 


Manager: Marquis Woodyard -Handles all Boys Schedules and Make Ups 

If you have general questions about Evolution Basketball Training please contact

brian nelson headshot

Brian Nelson

Fundamental Training, Camps, Team Evo (all locations)

Doug Howard

Merrifield, VA - Advanced Training

Kevin Holland

Gainesville & Chantilly - Advanced Training

Brianna Bishop

Ashburn, VA - Advanced

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Inclement Weather Update: 1.15.2024

All programs after 3:30pm are canceled due to inclement weather.

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