Over the Cone – Combination Moves: With Carol Miller (UVA)

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University of Virginia standout Carole Miller and Evolution Skills Trainer Doug Howard breakdown a great ball handling drill to work on ball manipulation and control. Below are some quick tips to focus on when completing this drill.

Try This Series

  • 30 Seconds: Crossover, Crossover (Right and Left Hand)
  • 30 Seconds: Between the Legs, Crossover (Right and Left Hand)
  • 30 Seconds: Between the Legs, Behind the Back (Right and Left Hand)

Quick Tips

  1. Keep your hips low & chest up.
  2. Work on POUNDING the ball aggressively.
  3. Embrace mistakes.

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3rd – 8th Graders with Travel, House, CYO, or Beginner Experience!


3rd – 8th Graders with Travel, House, CYO, or Beginner Experience!

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